Terrain Classic

December 22, 2016

Global terrain web map tiles

Terrain Classic is a set of, free, open-source, global web map tiles covering zoom levels 0 to 18 that depict topography using a cartography technique called “shaded relief.” These map tiles were created from various open data sources such as OpenStreetMap, Natural Earth Vector data, MODIS landcover, and Digital Elevation Models. This style was inspired by the original Stamen Terrain map tiles which previously only covered the United States. The style was ported from Cascadenik to CartoCSS, a CSS like markup language used for styling geographic data to create tiled web maps using a renderer such as Mapnik. I assisted Stamen Design members Alan McConchie and Seth Fitzsimmons with creating the map style, including line work, labeling, color, and the shaded relief.

Technologies Used: - CartoCSS - PostGIS - Mapnik - NodeJS - Python

terrain-classic01.jpg terrain-classic02.jpg terrain-classic03.jpg terrain-classic04.jpg terrain-classic05.jpg terrain-classic07.jpg terrain-classic08.jpg terrain-classic09.jpg terrain-classic10.jpg terrain-classic11.jpg

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