MPG Ranch Habitat Restoration Map

December 22, 2016

An interactive web map and report builder to showcase the work of environmental scientists.

The MPG Ranch Habitat Restoration Map enables a team of environmental scientists to effectively communicate ongoing management plans and actions with their stakeholders and provides a venue for discussion of restoration research and practices through an interactive web map application.

Read more about the project in a blog post I wrote about it.

Technologies Used: - React - Redux - Leaflet - CARTO - NodeJS - AWS - Heroku

mpg-habitat02.jpg mpg-habitat13.jpg mpg-habitat14.jpg mpg-habitat15.jpg mpg-habitat16.jpg mpg-habitat05.jpg mpg-habitat06.jpg mpg-habitat07.jpg mpg-habitat08.jpg mpg-habitat09.jpg mpg-habitat10.jpg mpg-habitat11.jpg mpg-habitat12.jpg mpg-habitat17.jpg mpg-habitat18.jpg

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