HET Data Vis Prototyping

December 01, 2020

Data Visualization prototyping for the Satcher Health Leadership Institute's Health Equity Tracker

During the second half of 2020, I and a cohort of Googlers took part in a Google.org fellowship in partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine’s Satcher Health Leadership Institute to develop a Health Equity Tracker web application. My role in the fellowship was to prototype data visualizations that highlighted health disparities using datasets that were identified as relevant to communicating health outcomes and the social determinants of health.

The result of this work is dozens of Observable Notebooks that are organized into two collections; one for data analysis and exploration and another for data visualization prototyping. Some visualizations from these notebooks were embedded as stand alone web pages for User Experience Research with health equity advocates who work in various sectors of public health across the U.S. and partner with SHLI. Below are some sample visualizations from the Observable Notebooks and notebook embeds.

Read more about the data viz prototyping process using Observable Notebooks.

Technologies Used: - Observable Notebooks - Observable Runtime - D3JS - VegaLite - Arquero - Github Pages

msm-fellowship-01.jpg msm-fellowship-02.jpg msm-fellowship-03.jpg msm-fellowship-04.jpg msm-fellowship-05.jpg msm-fellowship-06.jpg msm-fellowship-07.jpg

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