Cal-Adapt: Analytics Engine

April 17, 2022

Website visual design and development.

Project Link: Cal-Adapt: Analytics Engine

Website design was done using Figma, mainly for creating basic mocks and a style guide (scroll down to view), the rest of the design process was done using Markdown, HTML, and Sass. The website was built using the Astro static site generator, which uses the concept of “partial hydration” to keep client-side JavaScript to a minimum. CAE Jupyter Notebooks were converted to Markdown using Jupyter’s nbconvert utility, allowing for fast loading and previewing of notebook contents.

Technologies Used: - Astro - SvelteJS - TypeScript - Sass - Jupyter Notebooks - NodeJS

cae-website-01.jpg cae-website-2.jpg cae-website-3.jpg cae-website-4.jpg cae-website-5.jpg cae-website-6.jpg cae-website-7.jpg cae-website-8.jpg cae-website-9.jpg cae-website-10.jpg cae-website-11.jpg cae-website-12.jpg cae-website-13.jpg

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