Am I Rent Stabilized?

May 01, 2015

A civic web app to inform NYC renters about rent stabilization.

Project Link: Am I Rent Stabilized?

Am I Rent Stabilized is a web application that encourages New York City tenants to find out if their landlord may be illegally overcharging them for a rent stabilized apartment and if so, motivates them to take action. It is an attempt at using open data as a prompt for civic action, rather than solely for visualization and analysis. The app asks the user to input their address and checks it against a database of properties that are likely to have rent stabilized apartments. From here the app recommends a course of action and informs the user of their nearest tenants rights group so they can get help. The app features a responsive interface that is mobile friendly, and its content can be toggled to either Spanish or Chinese for non-english speakers.

Technologies Used: - CartoDB.JS - CartoDB SQL API - NYC GeoClient API - GSAP Animation JS - SCSS - Handlebars.JS - Gulp.JS - AWS S3 - AWS CloudFront

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