AEMP COVID-19 Tenant Protections Map

November 01, 2020

Mapping tenants rights legislation and housing justice actions in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Project Link: AEMP COVID-19 Tenant Protections Map

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project in collaboration with tenants rights and other activist groups, tirelessly researched and documented emergency tenant protections and housing justice actions in response to the economic crisis from COVID-19. This map is a result of that effort and allows viewers to search for legislation that affects their rights as a renter at the city, county, state/province, and national levels of government in the United States and abroad. The site serves as a crowdsourcing mechanism that allows viewers to submit local updates on emergency tenants rights legislation or housing justice actions they may be involved in. The content of the site has been translated to many different languages and will load based on the language setting of the viewer’s browser. I contributed cartographic design and web development to this project on a pro-bono basis during Spring and Summer of 2020. The making of this map was a highly collaborative process involving many members of the AEMP, tenants rights groups, and activist collectives. It is the result of many hours of hard work and dedication from those involved in creating and contributing to the months long, ongoing endeavor.

Technologies Used: - Javascript ES6 - LeafletJS - CARTO - PostgreSQL - PostGIS - Webpack

aemp-covid19-protections-01.jpg aemp-covid19-protections-02.jpg aemp-covid19-protections-03.jpg aemp-covid19-protections-04.jpg aemp-covid19-protections-05.jpg aemp-covid19-protections-06.jpg aemp-covid19-protections-07.jpg aemp-covid19-protections-08.jpg aemp-covid19-protections-09.jpg

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