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Custom and Accessible Select Menus Aren't Easy: Part One
Trials and tribulations of building a custom and accessible Select menu UI component. Read More ›

Introducing <color-legend-element />
Notes on building a legend UI component using Lit, D3JS, and TypeScript Read More ›

Storytelling With Data ten week course
Reflections on and learnings from completing the SWD ten week course. Read More ›

Observable Notebooks for Data Viz Prototyping
Elaborating on a prototyping process for a fellowship with Read More ›

Refactoring Am I Rent Stabilized
Revisiting the code of a five year old project. Read More ›

Animating SVG with D3JS and React Hooks
SVG + React Hooks + d3-interpolate + requestAnimationFrame Read More ›

D3JS for Print Cartography
Towards a D3JS Web to Print Cartography Workflow Read More ›

Embedding An Observable Notebook
Observable: Reactive programming meets data analysis and visualization on the web Read More ›

Notes on Building a CSV Powered Story Map
How I used the venerable Comma Separated Value file format in conjunction with modern front-end web technologies to create an interactive story map for Canopy. Read More ›

Avoiding Mishaps with the ES6 Spread Operator
The ES6 spread operator can easily trip you up! Read More ›

Habitat Restoration Map for MPG Ranch
An interactive web map to promote the work of environmental scientists and conservationists Read More ›

D3JS v4 General Update Pattern: Punchcard Chart
Going from static to dynamic via the D3 v4 API Read More ›

Introducing the AWS Lambda Tiler
Server-Free Web Map Tile Generation Read More ›

ES6 Template Strings For SQL
Making SQL queries in JS using ES6 template strings. Read More ›

Using the Module Pattern in JavaScript Programming
The benefits of using the revealing module pattern in JavaScript. Read More ›

Using CartoDB for creating data driven web pages
Using CartoDB.js, SQL API with the jQuery Data Tables API to create an interactive resource guide. Read More ›

Data Processing Methodology for "Tracking the Energy Titans"
Parsing irregularly formatted CSV files for a visualizaiton with D3JS. Read More ›

Wrangling NYC's 311 data
Battling the task of downloading 311 data and importing it into PostgreSQL for analysis. Read More ›

Data processing methodology for Am I Rent
Documenting how I processed NYC open data and not so open data for the backend database of Am I Rent Stabilized? Read More ›

Scraping Photo Metadata
Scraping digital photo exif data using Node JS for web mapping. Read More ›