Chris L Henrick / Curriculum Vitae

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Professional Experience


UX Engineer II: Data Visualization
September, 2018 – Present
San Francisco, CA

User Experience Engineer focusing on data visualization for the Google Cloud Platform and other product areas at Google.

  • Collaborate with UX Designers, UX Researchers, Data Scientists, Program Managers, and Software Engineers in product development.
  • Create prototypes at varying levels of fidelity for interactive design concepts using modern web standards and technologies such as React, Angular, D3JS, TypeScript, LitElement, (S)CSS, HTML, etc.
  • Make design recommendations pertaining to areas such as accessibility, visual design, and interaction design.
  • Anaylze data and document data transformation pipelines using CoLab/Jupyter Notebooks, SQL, Pandas, Altair.


Data Visualization Engineer
December, 2017 – September, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Data Visualization Engineer at OmniSci (formerly MapD), a big data analytics software company. Contributed software development to OmniSci Immerse, a data visualization and analytics platform, as well as related open-source libraries:

University of California, Berkeley

August, 2017 – December, 2017
Berkeley, CA

Taught Interactive Data Visualization with D3, for the School of Information during the Fall semester of 2017.

  • Through thirteen lectures and fifteen hands on coding assignments, students learned how to create interactive charts, graphs, and geographic maps for display on the web using the popular D3JS Javascript library.

GreenInfo Network

Full Stack Web Developer
February, 2017 - November, 2017
Oakland, CA

Full stack web developer with GreenInfo Network specializing in building web applications that utilize geo-visualization with open source GIS and web-mapping software, Javascript, Python, SQL, and PHP.

  • Coordinated with a team of GIS specialists, cartographers, designers, and project managers to produce responsive web applications for clients primarily working in the non-profit, NGO, and government sectors.
  • Assisted the Google Earth Outreach team with creating curated “Voyager” content for their 2017 relaunch of Google Earth.

Stamen Design

Design Technologist
March, 2016 - December, 2016
San Francisco, CA

One part data wrangler, one part cartographer, and several parts web developer for Stamen Design, a renowned data visualization and design studio.

  • Prototyped and built highly customized web applications with a focus on interactive mapping and data visualization.
  • Utiziled web development technologies such as React, Redux, Leaflet, CARTO, D3JS, Git, AWS, Heroku.
  • Designed and created original tiled basemaps using data from OpenStreetMap and Natural Earth, with technologies such as Make, PostGIS, CartoCSS, and Mapnik.

Radish Lab

Web Developer
May, 2015 - April 2016
Brooklyn, NY

Consulted with Radish Lab, a certified B Corporation, web and graphic design studio, with creating interactive data-visualizations and professionally designed web sites for non-profits and cultural institutions such as MAS.

  • Duties include agile front-end web-development using modern web technologies such as jQuery, Node.JS, D3.JS, Wordpress, CARTO, and Github.

Chris Henrick Cartography

Web Developer, Cartographer
June, 2010 - March 2016
San Francisco, CA

Consulted for a diverse range of clients in web development, print cartography, and geospatial data analysis.


Geospatial Developer Intern
March, 2014 - October, 2014
New York, NY

Assisted CARTO with improving their web-based geospatial visualization platform:

  • Contributed code to CARTO’s internal geocoder using PostgreSQL, PgSQL, PostGIS and open administrative geospatial data.
  • Created demos for and documented Odyssey, an open-source JavaScript library for telling stories with maps.
  • Crafted video tutorials for and held in person workshops on educating users about the CARTO platform.
  • Contributed to technical documentation of the CARTO platform.

Avalon Travel Publishing

Lead Cartographer
February, 2012 - May, 2013
Berkeley, CA

Assisted Avalon Travel’s in-house Cartography Studio with creating new maps and updating existing maps for printed and ebook travel guide series including titles such as Moon Handbooks, Rick Steve’s, and Let’s Go.

  • Sourced, analyzed, & processed open geospatial data to create professional quality cartographic products.
  • Edited and created up to 60 maps per book that conformed to Avalon’s brand, cartographic style, and layout standards.
  • Converted legacy Macromedia Freehand files to a modern Adobe Illustrator file format standard.
  • Designed and implemented a practical workflow for incorporating GIS data into map production through the use of MAPublisher, QGIS, and other open-source tools.
  • Designed a data schema to store geocoded Point of Interest data to automate map making.
  • Wrote Javascript to automate tasks in Adobe Illustrator with the Scriptographer plug-in.
  • Designed and structured a spatial data file server.

GreenInfo Network

GIS Specialist / Cartographer Intern
Summer, 2010 and Spring, 2011
San Francisco, CA

Assisted GreenInfo Nework with its mission of providing quality and affordable GIS analysis and cartographic products to public interest groups and governmental organizations.

  • Executed both a current and historic habitat suitability analysis of the Black-Backed Woodpecker for the John Muir Foundation utilizing model builder with USGS Landfire, Land Cover, and Public Lands data sources.
  • Utilized Arc Map 9.x / 10.x to assist in the production of confidential priority acquisition area series maps for Save the Redwoods League.
  • Created 3 offset CMYK print maps for Sustainable Conservation’s Partners in Restoration Program using ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Updated and edited an atlas for Protect Wild California’s conservation easements and land acquisitions.
  • Contributed outreach to various California land trusts for the California Protected Areas Database (CPAD).

Steve Spindler Cartography

Cartographer Intern
Fall, 2009
Philadelphia, PA

Aided Cartographer Steve Spindler in creating production print maps for the Pennsylvania cross-state bicycle touring route S.

  • Corresponded with Pennsylvania bicycling advocacy leaders on input to mapping the bicycling route.
  • Utilized Google Maps, Earth, and Docs to perform research and KML point data acquisition relating to bicycle touring.

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Planning Intern
Spring, 2008
Philadelphia, PA

Assisted DVRPC’s Office of Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Planning in implementing projects related to transit, pedestrian, and bicycle planning in the greater metropolitan Philadelphia area. Participated in tasks such as survey field-work, road safety audits, data scrubbing and aggregation, bicycle route mapping, and power point presentations.

Volunteer Experience:

Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Web Developer
*February, 2020 – July, 2020

Contributed front end web development and cartographic design to the COVID-19 Emergency Tenants Protections Map. Worked with a collective of AEMP volunteers to design and develop the project during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic through the summer to map legislation at varying levels of government (and the lack thereof) aimed at protecting tenants from eviction due to pandemic related issues such as loss of employment and illness.

Maptime NYC

January, 2013 - June, 2016
New York, NY

Assisted with organizing and hosting the Maptime New York City chapter. Maptime’s goal is to create a safe space for non-experts to learn about GIS, cartography, and web-mapping.


GIS Specialist Volunteer
November, 2009 - July, 2010
San Francisco, CA

Performed spatial data analysis and visualization to support ASIAN Inc’s goals of improving economic and housing opportunities for low income Asian Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area. Consulted with GreenInfo Network on best practices for GIS analysis and data visualization of census and in-house demographic data.


Parsons, The New School For Design

Master of Fine Art in Design and Technology.
New York, NY
GPA 3.91

MFA Thesis: Am I Rent Stabilized?, an interactive web-app about rent-stabilization in New York City.

Areas of focus in MFA DT included interactive web-mapping, data-visualization, web development, User Experience Design, game design, interactive narrative, open-source GIS, and creative coding.

  • Taught a daily front end web development class as part of a three week intensive “bootcamp” to the incoming 2014 MFA DT class.
  • Taught a two day workshop on NodeJS to the incoming class of Parsons MS in Data Visualization class of 2015.

U.C. Berkeley Extension

Graphic Design Certificate Program
San Francisco, CA

Areas of concentration include graphic design and typography.

Temple University

Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Urban Studies.
Philadelphia, PA
GPA 3.77, graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Member of Gamma Theta Upsilon, National Honors Society for Geography. Recipient of the Henry N. Michael Prize in Geography and Urban Studies.

University of the Arts

Fine Art: Print Making and Drawing
Philadelphia, PA
GPA 3.49

Studies included drawing, print making, painting, mixed media, and graphic design.

Computer Skills:

  • JavaScript (ES5/6+)
  • JavaScript Frameworks: ReactJS, Angular, Vue, LitElement
  • NodeJS and NPM
  • TypeScript
  • Data Visualization: D3JS, MapBoxGLJS, LeafletJS, Vega / VegaLite
  • CSS and CSS PreProcessors (SCSS, PostCSS)
  • Web Standards (HTML, SVG, ARIA, Browser APIs)
  • Module Bundlers (Webpack, Rollup)
  • Git & Github
  • SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite)
  • Geographic Information Systems (QGIS, PostGIS, GDAL)
  • Python (2.x, 3.x)
  • Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, Geo Pandas, Altair
  • Cloud Computing (AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Heroku)
  • CARTO platform, JavaScript SDK, & API’s
  • MapBox platform, JavaScript library, & API’s
  • Adobe Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
  • MAPublisher (GIS & Cartography plug-in for Adobe Illustrator)