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Chris Henrick is a Front-End Engineer and UX Designer who currently lives in Oakland, California who’s work spans the domains of interactive (Geo) Data Visualization, Geographic Information Systems, and Cartographic Design. Most recently he was a team member of the University of California’s Geospatial Innovation Facility where he worked on web products such as Cal-Adapt that help make climate data more accessible to the public and private sectors in regards to planning for the mitigation of climate change in California. Previously Chris has worked for Google Cloud as a UX Engineer, GreenInfo Network as a full-stack Web Developer, and for Stamen Design as a Design Technologist.

Chris is an alum of Parsons School of Design, The New School in New York City where he earned an MFA in Design and Technology. His thesis at MFA DT was a web app he conceptualized and coded called Am I Rent Stabilized? that seeks to solve the problem of NYC landlords lying to tenants about rent-stabilization and illegally deregulating rent-stabilized apartments. You can learn more about it in an article he wrote for Urban Omnibus.

When not at work Chris enjoys bicycling, hiking, swimming, and playing percussion. Outside of his day to day work, he has assisted with organizing and facilitating Maptime, a community of professionals dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming space to educate non-experts about GIS, cartography, and interactive web mapping, free of charge.

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