about Chris Henrick

Web Developer, GIS Specialist, and Cartographer

Chris Henrick is a web developer, GIS specialist, and cartographer who currently lives in San Francisco, California. Most recently he worked for Stamen Design, an internationally renowned data visualization and web cartography studio, as a Design Technologist. He is an alumnus of the Parsons MFA Design and Technology program at the New School in New York City. His thesis at MFA DT was a civic web app he conceptualized and coded called Am I Rent Stabilized? that seeks to solve the problem of NYC landlords lying to tenants about rent-stabilization and illegally deregulating rent-stabilized apartments. You can learn more about it in an article he wrote for Urban Omnibus.

Chris has consulted in web development and cartographic design for organizations such as Stamen Design, Pratt’s Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative, and Radish Lab. Prior to attending Parsons MFA DT Chris worked as a Cartographer and GIS Specialist at Avalon Travel Publishing in Berkeley, CA. He originally got his start in “Geo” as a GIS / Cartographer Intern at GreenInfo Network in San Francisco, CA in 2010. His undergraduate degree is in Geography and Urban Studies, from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

When not at work Chris enjoys bicycling, hiking, and playing music. As a believer in open knowledge and skill sharing, he has assisted with organizing and facilitating Maptime, a community of professionals dedicated to educating non-experts about GIS, cartography, and interactive web mapping; free of charge.

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